My Daughter and Photobiomodulation of the Brain: Episode 3

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Here is the second article about Photobiomodulation therapy in my daughter’s brain. The goal is to share our feedback and observations.

27 février 2020

It’s been two months now since we started the adventure and started the Photobiomodulation therapy of the brain.


Since the first month of therapy went very well, we gradually increased the lighting time for the second month.
We have also added two new positions (called F3 and F4) to the protocol.

On the other hand, concerning the Intranasal Photobiomodulation device, we use it very little. Only during the week of the holidays when we were on the road. The skull lighting time is already long enough as it is; we do not wish to add more.

In this picture, we target the F3 zone of the skull.

Her progress

Following this second month of Photobiomodulation therapy of the brain, here are the observations of her educator:

  • She’s always babbling more and more.
  • She’s trying to repeat the words.
  • She tries to pronounce first names (“TMA” for Thomas, “ULI” for Julie).

Then, here are the observations of her psychomotor therapist:

  • She has grown a lot (editor’s note: in her head).
  • She has made significant progress in her gross motor skills and tone.

And finally, what we observe at home:

  • She continues to babble more.
  • She makes new sounds like “HEU”. Or also “MA” when she sees Magali Ripoll (singer of the show “N’oubliez pas les paroles”).
  • She starts saying, “MAMA” to say, Mummy.

To conclude, this second month of therapy confirms what we observed in the first month. She has become more talkative, and the language is developing faster compared to the previous nine years.
Indeed, henceforth she comments on everything with small sounds. We also notice that she is progressing much faster overall compared to her usual rhythm (dressing, cleanliness, etc.).

To be continued…

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