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I’m Julien, french father to a beautiful little girl whose brain was damaged several years ago.
Wishing absolutely to give her every chance for her future, I set out to find solutions that could help her and improve her condition… and I was surprised to discover that the brain could be healed through neuroplasticity.

Obtaining some great results on my daughter, I wish to share this with all the people concerned, from near or far, by the diseases, anomalies, or accidents that can affect the brain (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ASD, trisomy, head trauma…).

Thus, you will find on this website information on different therapies that are in the process of being developed, and we will give you an update on the scientific progress concerning them.
They will be popularized, and you will have access to many links to the most recent scientific studies so that you can, and why not, choose among them.

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