My Daughter and Photobiomodulation of the Brain: Episode 2

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Here is the second article about Photobiomodulation therapy in my daughter’s brain. The goal is to share our feedback and observations.

29 janvier 2020

It’s now one month since we started the adventure and started the Photobiomodulation therapy of the brain. We take our marks, and we learn how to manipulate the machines (it is not very complicated).


First of all, you should be aware that we do not start the treatment at full power: the lighting times are quite short.
Also, we are delighted to see that our daughter is accepting the therapy well. We make sure that we go at her own pace. We notice that she is very tired a few minutes after the beginning of the sessions. That’s why we do this in the evening, after dinner, while she watches her favorite show.

We shaved her hair at her left temple.

Then, to optimize the penetration of light into the brain, we shaved the targeted areas of the skull. Hair acts as a barrier and blocks the light.

Her progress

Following this month of brain Photobiomodulation therapy, here are the observations of her educator:

  • She seems to stand better in her chair. This allows her to be more concentrated during activities.
  • Procedural memory: She holds her marker or coloring pen better.
  • Knowledge memory: she associates picto images better, and she seems to perform better at the Memory game (she does not turn over the same card anymore). 
  • Her language: a big positive! She pronounces more simple sounds and begins to say words after the adult repeats them (example: “LETTE” for “galette” and “K RONNE” for “Couronne”).

Then, here are the observations of her speech therapist concerning the last 30 days:

  • She babbles more.
  • Her babbling is more and more diverse.

And finally, what we observe at home. Namely that these are new things (which she wasn’t doing a month ago!):

  • She’s babbling more.
  • She tries to pronounce the words when someone asks her to do so (1 month before, she refused).
  • She goes to more trouble to try to pronounce the words (tries several times before giving up).

To conclude, we feel that the therapy “unlocks” the language… but also a lot of other things. For example, she’s progressed very, very quickly on the Nintendo system, even though we’d been training for six months. In short, we’re delighted to see so much progress in such a short time!

To be continued…

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