Down Syndrome: huge progress with photobiomodulation

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In a previous post, I told you about a case study concerning the use of photobiomodulation on 3 children with Down Syndrome. The results published in 2019 were very encouraging! If you are new to this therapy, I advise you to read this page first before continuing.

A video summarizing the progress observed in these children with Down Syndrome, following photobiomodulation therapy

Doctor Paolo Cassano of the Massachusetts General Hospital

I contacted Dr. Cassano, author of this scientific paper, to get news about these children. He kindly responded and offered me a video of a speech he gave at the end of 2020, during a conference at the Synchrony Virtual Symposium.

Below, I offer you an sample of this video (audio in english and subtitled in french). In this passage of a few minutes, Dr. Cassano tells us about all the progress observed on these children with Down syndrome, following photobiomodulation therapy.

Video transcript

editor’s note: start of transcription

Now what about safety? Safety and long-term safety. We really don’t have much experience in asd (autism) for children and adolescents in the long term. So i’m going to present some data from a different cohort so different group of case reports on down syndrome transcraning by photobiomodulation.

Doctor Piero Mannu

About 4 years again, I was quite struck when I received this email from a friend and colleague in Italy. Doctor Piero Mannu who had tried photobiomodulation in few of his down syndrome children.

And showed me an incredible progression of improvement in fine motor skills which was paralleled by better behavioral control and mood regulation.

Drawings made by an 8-year-old child with Down Syndrome, undergoing photobiomodulation therapy.

So this child was asked to draw the portrait of her doctor.

  • And here she was at the beginning of the baseline (editor’s note: first image from the left)
  • Then 14 days later after treatment (editor’s note: second image from the left)
  • Then at 28 days (editor’s note: third image from the left)
  • and then after 2 cycles (editor’s note: right image)
Drawings made by a 13-year-old child with trisomy 21 undergoing photobiomodulation therapy.

But this is not the only case, an other child was asked to thos spiral.

  • And this was before the treatment (editor’s note: middle image)
  • and this is after the treatment (editor’s note: right image)

But this wasn’t quite the reason for me to present you this data. The reason I’m presenting this data is because I just called Piero Mannu again. I was actually driving home a few days ago from work, and I wanted to know more and see what happen all this time. And whether the treatment was safe whether it was continuing or not.

Very astonishing results for these children with Down Syndrome following photobiomodulation therapy

And after speaking with Piero, my jaw literally dropped and kind of locked there, when I head the things he had to say :

  • Not only it was safe and no adverse event had occurred,
  • but the cognitive function of these children had improved overall steadily.
  • School performance had improved
  • socialization, speed flow, motor function.
  • Even their growth.
  • They were slightly higher than their peers with down syndrome.
  • They were immiunity likely benefits,
  • With less infections
  • And even the facial traits were less pronounced.

That was astoninshing! And most of all, what was interesting is that Doctor Mannu had changed in the past year the schedule of treatment. Which were of four weeks every 2 to 3 months, to one month of cycle. So one on and one off.
And that was because the children themselves, or adolescents now, they were asking for it. They were noticing the difference.

editor’s note: end of the transcription

A new study examining the use of photobiomodulation in adults with Down Syndrome

Following these encouraging results, Dr Cassano informed me that he is currently conducting a new scientific study. This time, the goal is to analyze the effects of photobiomodulation on adults with Down syndrome. I will give you more information in a future article.

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